How a Printing Services Company can Boost Customer Engagement

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How a Printing Services Company can Boost Customer Engagement

Content marketing continues to be one of the most effective strategies that businesses of all types and sizes leverage to attract new customers and make relationships with existing ones even stronger. While certain customers enjoy the instant gratification of receiving content digitally, the fact remains that many people prefer to consume content in a physical hard copy format. If your business produces content — whether to engage an existing audience with a quarterly alumni magazine or to attract new customers with a catalog of your products and services — it is crucial that you have a printing services partner that understands your goals and acts as a third arm for your company.

5 Benefits of Having a Great Printing Services Partner

1. High-Quality Products

Many businesses believe in the consumer adage, “you get what you pay for” — even though they are a business seeking the products and services of another business! When searching for a B2B printing services provider, it’s important that you put aside any preconceived notions about the requirements needed to produce your final product from your life as a consumer. For example, many people incorrectly assume that a large printing services company in a big city will deliver a higher-quality product than a smaller shop in the suburbs. What these people often forget is that when you work with a “smaller” printing services company, your order gets more attention because they don’t have thousands of orders to process and want to get it done right the first time. Mistakes are not just costly from the client’s perspective — they can be even more expensive for the printing services provider since they must redo the order and repair a damaged relationship.

2. Seamless Shipping

If you are looking to reach customers in the US and/or Canada, having a printing services partner that understands the logistics of each country’s postal systems will save you time and money. Besides providing you with an accurate estimate for your project, printing services companies that consistently work with the US and Canadian postal systems also know how to navigate through these complex systems and which warning signals to look out for (so they can step in and avoid a potential problem before it arises).

3. Quicker Turnaround Times

When you partner with an expert printing services company in the US or Canada, your business will minimize the time a product spends in a queue at customs and avoid sudden tariffs — both of which cost your business time and money.

In recent years, many companies opted to outsource printing services to places like China and Southeast Asia to save money. However, in an era when time equals money, having your finished product in transit on a shipping container boat for weeks costs your company money. Any cost savings incurred from using an offshore printing services company quickly disappear when a business realizes the ramifications of not getting the finished product to market as quickly as possible.

4. Hidden Cost Savings

Businesses often make the mistake of not factoring in the time their own employees must allocate to getting a product printed when costing out production. An experienced printing services provider can easily produce a high-quality product that matches your specs perfectly, all with minimal oversight by members of your team.

When evaluating different printing service providers, it’s important to consider how much (or little) oversight the vendor will require. Every hour one of your employees spends unnecessarily managing a vendor is an hour lost to another project, which is why it’s important that you inquire about how much experience a potential printing services partner has working with companies like yours.

5. Outstanding Customer Service

While many businesses don’t think of themselves as customers when working with printing services companies, but they are! As the party making the payment (the customer), businesses should expect their printing services vendor to provide excellent customer service. Whether that is being open 24/7 or providing expert guidance on how to meet a (seemingly) impossible deadline, the best printing service companies, like Dollco Print Solutions Group, understand that your success is linked to their success — and will go above and beyond to ensure your business reaches its short- and long-term goals.

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