3 Reasons a 24 Hour Printing Service is Still Essential to Modern Marketing

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3 Reasons a 24 Hour Printing Service is Still Essential to Modern Marketing

In an ideal world, last-minute brochure requests, damaged conference materials, and misplaced media kit folders would not exist. However, as any business can attest, even the most organized and well-laid plans can be disrupted when you add in a third party — be it the account that your sales team has been chasing for years (and gives 12 hours advance notice for a meeting) or the freight company that accidentally leaves part of your shipment at the wrong location. As much as businesses would like to believe that miscommunications and accidents will not happen to them, having a 24-hour printing service — such as the Dollco Print Solutions Group — a phone call away will ensure any hiccups in your plans are fixed quickly and professionally.

3 Reasons a 24 Hour Printing Service Is Essential for Your Business

1. Last-Minute Requests

Regardless of the industry your company operates in, the number of employees you have, or the customers you serve, every organization has gotten a last-minute print request to which they can’t say no. Having a reliable 24-hour printing service in your contact list can be the difference between frantically searching for printers after hours that can help you with your project or placing a phone call and emailing a file before heading home for dinner.

2. Damaged and Lost Shipments

Despite being meticulously packaged, the reality is that once you hand a box off to a freight company, you no longer control how carefully (or not) it is handled. 99.99% of the time, shipping companies deliver packages undamaged and on-time. While professional freight companies plan for the unexpected, there are still variables out of their control, such as extreme weather and major accidents or events, that can cause your package to be damaged or lost. For those who have found themselves in this situation, replacing the items as quickly as possible is your top priority — and if your box contained printed materials, you will need to find a 24-hour printing service company that can help you out of this jam.

3. Understocked Inventory

Thanks to new technologies that make it easier (and cheaper) to produce a product in smaller quantities, many businesses stock printed items conservatively and re-order as necessary. While the line item for your storage budget will be lower, you risk running out of inventory should demand for a particular product surge. If you find yourself in this situation, a 24-hour printing service that can reproduce your product quickly can mean the difference between converting a prospective customer into a paying one or losing them to a competitor.

Dollco Print Solutions Group

When you work with a professional printing company, they understand that there will be times when you need items quickly — and they will quickly step in to ensure your project gets completed within that time frame. The best printing companies don’t see themselves as one-off solution providers, rather as a partner that your company can rely on for routine print runs and 24-hour printing service requests.

Choosing to partner with a company like Dollco Print Solutions Group means that you can expect excellent customer service that is second to none. The leadership team at Dollco knows that developing long-term relationships, based on making their clients successful, is just as important as the hundreds of hours their teams spend in trainings and learning seminars about staying up to speed in the industry. So, if your business relies on printed materials and has had 24-hour printing service needs in the past, contact the team at Dollco for an introduction — it never hurts to have two options when you find yourself in a need of a fast printing solution.

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