Customized Printing Services – What makes them so great for marketing?

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Customized Printing Services – What makes them so great for marketing?

Printed catalogues, flyers and posters have advantages that email and social media advertising cannot match. Most social media platforms charge you per view, even if somebody just scrolls by your advertisement without reading it. When you advertise with a printed document that arrives in the mail, addressed to your potential customer, the targeted customer will read the flyer (and so will anyone else in the household!) Read on to find out how customized printing services can be the solution to all your marketing needs.

Customized Printing Services

If you haven’t run a print campaign for a while, you’ll be amazed at how advanced the industry has become. Today’s printing services can offer virtually all the personalized features of a mass email, but in a vibrant, full-color document guaranteed to grab attention. The best thing about printing is the assurance that your investment will continue to bring you returns even after the initial launch. Printed media, unlike electronic media, actually exists in the real world. People can pick it up, touch it, and share it. Why spend money on a mass email when you can invest in a printed advertisement that travels through dozens of hands?

High-Quality Print Advertising

Imagine if all of your customers had a vibrant, full-color catalogue of all the products and services you offer. With customized printing services, it’s possible to create an affordable mailer that will keep your business in the forefront of the minds of your customers. A personalized flyer is a great way to build a community and help take your business to the next level.

You can print a coupon on your flyer to help encourage a visit or offer an incentive to post a selfie with the document on social media. With either method, or others, you can get all the benefits of a virtual ad campaign without any additional cost.

Fast Turnaround

The Dollco factory has the largest capacity printing plants in Ottawa. They can produce up to ten million flyers in an hour; and this means that you can capitalize on all the advantages of a printed flyer without having to worry about lead time. Just create your copy, send it to Dollco, and your flyers will be ready in record time.

Efficient business requires quick turnaround to capitalize on opportunity, and high-velocity printers can help you cover your town with the information your customers and clients need to hear.

Versatile and Affordable

Even with the proliferation of social media there are still potential customers that can only be reached through regular mail. Utilizing customized printing services gives you the ability to spread your message in a way that will set you apart from the competition.

You can use a printing service to produce anything; from flyers to advertise immediate messages to full spread magazines that give detailed information about your business. With high volume printing, you can unlock affordable rates that will turn your printing project into the most cost-effective means of advertising at your disposal.

Modern Printing is Superior Promotion

No matter what your project, don’t hesitate to contact Dollco today to find out how we can help. Even if you are at the very beginning stages of your campaign, our customer service representatives will be happy to direct you to the most efficient and affordable means of turning your idea into a reality. Customized printing services allow you to send personalized, dynamic outreach directly to your clients.

Don’t spend big dollars on a digital email campaign that goes directly to a spam folder. Instead, try a customized printing campaign that is sure to get noticed today.

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