Creating Local Flyers: 8 Steps to Getting Your Message Out Into The World

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Creating Local Flyers: 8 Steps to Getting Your Message Out Into The World

If you’re in charge of a local event and want to get the word out, sometimes the most effective technique is the oldest. A digital outreach for a local event can build awareness, but you also want to get people’s attention on the street and in local places of business. The first step to creating local flyers is finding a cost-effective way to print large numbers of flyers, and we’re here to help.

Creating Local Flyers in 8 Steps

1. Brief Is Better

Much like with online advertising, you only have seconds to get the attention of potential customers with a local flyer. You’re trying to get the eyes of someone who is walking down the street or shopping at the supermarket. That means you want a minimum of dialogue with the most important details spotlighted.

Your ad should have only a few lines and include the directions, contact information, and a call to action. It should also have a catchy headline with text bigger than the rest of the ad. This is the first thing your potential customers will see, and it should get their attention.

2. Break It Down

Your flyer should be broken down into sections with a clear purpose rather than in a big block of text. You only have seconds to get their attention and large blocks of text blend into a single mass to fast-reading viewers. An effective flyer will have white space around the ad to pull people’s eyes to a specific section with the key information.

The content should be divided into sections with clear headings pulling people’s eyes to relevant details. Data is best summarized with bullet points and charts. Key images illustrating your event or product are also helpful to pull focus in the right direction.

3. Professionalism Is Key

It’s important for your flyer to give a business-like pitch, so partnering with a professional firm that offers proofreading services is ideal. Small mistakes like spelling or grammar errors pull your potential customers’ focus away from the message of your advertising. It’s key to always proofread your ad before submission or work with an editor.

Local flyers are most effective when they appear to represent an established business. We recommend you study the flyers of successful local businesses and emulate their tactics. Using similar fonts and infographic styles without copying their style is a good way to create a positive association in your customer’s mind.

4. Color Choice Matters

Every part of your ad serves a purpose, and color choice sends its own unconscious message to your customers. This makes your color choice as important as your word use. Using too many colors, especially if they clash, can make your ad look jumbled and pull focus away from your text.

Your color choices should be tailored to your business and the message you want to send to your customers. If you’re advertising an exciting event like a sporting event, bold and vivid colors like red and orange work well. If you’re advertising a product or event designed for nature, soft and natural tones like green and blue will put your customers in a friendly frame of mind.

5. Sell Yourself

One of the most effective techniques for creating local flyers is to post approving testimonials from satisfied previous customers. If you’ve sold your product or held an event before, the best way to get testimonials is to ask people for reviews. If this is a first-time event, ask people their first impression and use those positive quotes.

A flyer isn’t like a Yelp page where people are looking for in-depth reviews on the product or event features. You only have a few seconds to get people’s attention with positive quotes. The most important thing is to have quotes that leave people excited and curious to learn more about your event or product.

6. Know Your Audience

Before deciding on your copy, make sure you know who is your core demographic for your event or product and how they communicate. This will make it easier to put key lingo in the ad that captures your customer base’s attention quickly. It’s a smart move to highlight keywords or print them in different colors to ensure the message gets across immediately.

This also factors into what images you choose for your advertisement. Many flyers use stock images of people enjoying the event or product. An effective ad will pick a stock image that fits the demographic you’re trying to appeal to.

7. Paper Quality Matters

One of the biggest enemies of local flyers isn’t the apathy of the customer but the harshness of the elements. As anyone who works in a windy climate knows, a gusty day can undo a whole ad campaign’s work and end with a clump of fliers far away from their intended spot. That’s why it’s important to make sure your flyers can stand up to the elements.

Working with a professional mass printing company makes it easier to pick your paper stock. You want one that won’t tear away easily when you pull on the area near the pin. Our printing experts are happy to work with you to test our paper stock options and find the right fit for your ad campaign.

8. Location Is Key

The main reason local flyers have gotten a bad reputation as an advertising technique for so long is that many people didn’t know how to mount an effective campaign. A mass campaign of flyers around town is likely to translate to high printing bills, lots of paper waste, and not many new customers. That’s because a mass ad blitz is equivalent to advertising a specialty product on every social media network regardless of demographic.

The best way to get your message across is to go where your customers are rather than hope they’ll come to you. If you’re advertising a service, advertising near supermarkets and at libraries is effective. If you’re selling a product, targeting your ads to public space in shopping centers where people are in a buying frame of mind is your best move.

Dollco: Your Solution for Creating Local Flyers in Canada

If you’re rolling out an ad campaign for a new event or product, pairing your digital rollout with a physical one can help your local reach. We’re a full-service, 24-7 printing agency specializing in low-cost, large-scale printing jobs for new and established clients. Contact Dollco Printing for more information on our printing solutions.


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