Printing Services FAQs: What Are the Steps to Print a Large Order?

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Printing Services FAQs: What Are the Steps to Print a Large Order?

Print solutions are some of the best ways to get visibility for your business or brand. The modern consumer has become so inundated with digital advertising that they scroll through countless images without ever acknowledging them. Flyers, magazines, and catalogs provide a pleasing tactile and sensory experience that drives potential clients to your service. With modern technology, your print solutions expert can help you go from concept to production with a quick turnaround and very affordable costs on a large print order.

What Goes In To A Large Print Order?

There are many considerations that go into a large print campaign, and your print solutions expert will help with guidance, recommendations, and quality control. Time is always a factor with any print campaign, but it is equally important that the final printed product be the perfect representation of your creative concept.

Once you get started with a quote for your printing project, your print solutions expert will be able to make suggestions to help you get the most out of your order. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you begin.

Set a Budget for the Order

It is always prudent to have a budget in mind before you begin a project. The budget will help guide many of the printing choices you make down the road, including things like quantity, paper quality, and distribution.

A budget allows you to maintain perspective on the importance of your printing project within the larger context of your other business needs. How your general budget estimate compares to your quote will help you determine if you need to reevaluate your campaign.

Estimate Quantity

The number of people you wish to reach with your print order will affect many of your printing choices. Providing an accurate quantity estimate during the early stages of your preparation will help your print solutions expert give you an accurate quote and set a timeline to ensure your order is delivered when and where you need it.

Have a Target Date

The more your print solutions experts know about your campaign, the better equipped they will be to meet your expectations. Modern machines can print as many as 10,000,000 flyers per hour, so there can be a very fast turnaround on even huge orders. However, preparing graphics, proofing images, and binding can all be time-consuming. A target date helps establish a work schedule that will ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

What Print Size Do You Prefer?

The type of campaign you wish to run will determine your print size. A simple flyer is the simplest printing project and can include graphics on one or both sides. Magazines and catalogs are slightly more complicated and can include a variety of binding options, and proper preparation and quality control prior to going to press are critical for magazines and catalogs.

Your printing project can be smaller than a postcard or larger than a movie poster. Postcard-sized flyers are ideal for placing on display near cash registers, while poster-sized flyers can attract attention from a distance. If you are uncertain of the ideal size for your campaign, make an estimate when you apply for a quote and then request the suggestion of your customer service representative.

What Paper Stock Do You Prefer?

The paper stock determines how the finished printed object feels in your hand. Postcards are heavier and more durable, while thinner print material is more vulnerable to getting torn in the wind.

However, choosing thin material lowers your transportation and mailing costs, and flyers displayed in magazines or store windows are protected from the elements. If you are printing a magazine or catalog, you will need to select thinner stock for folding and binding purposes.

Consider the Finish

You will be able to choose from matte, glossy, or no finish. Glossy finish has the wet look you see on magazine covers. In addition to providing extra strength to the paper, the glossy finish helps enhance the look of graphics or photos. A matte finish also helps strengthen your final product and results in an attractive look ideal for text.

No finish can be a highly economical option that allows you to provide a maximum amount of information at a minimal cost. You also can combine finishes by using a glossy page over a no-finish interior for the best of both worlds.

Get a Quote

Once you have finished the initial stages of brainstorming your campaign, you can provide the information to your print solutions expert. Next, a customer service representative will get in touch with you and provide you with a quote.

Your customer service representative will be able to offer you guidance as to where you can reduce costs or what upgrades can result in a far superior final product. Your customer service representative will be a tremendous resource to ensuring your print project is completed as planned.

Verify Graphics Parameters

It is important that you know the exact size requirements for the graphics you submit for your project. Most printing services require a designated cut zone that cannot contain critical information. Your customer service representative should be able to provide you with a template that will help ensure your graphics conform to the printing requirements of your specialist and that there is no risk of important information getting lost in the cutting process.

Finalize Graphics and Approve Proof

There can be some variation with how colors are displayed on computer monitors, so it is always important to go through a proofing stage. The proofing stage gives you and your customer service representative the opportunity to identify any remaining issues before you go to press. When you are printing a magazine or catalog, the proofing stage allows you to verify that the pages of your catalog will be presented in the proper orientation and order.

You can often choose between a physical or digital proof, and sometimes it’s prudent to do both. It is often the case that examining a proof allows you to identify errors you’ve missed on the digital version. By the time your project is at the proof stage, you should feel absolute confidence that the final product will meet your expectations.

Distribution Preferences

Most printers offer distribution as part of their basic services. Utilizing a distribution service directly from your printer saves you from having to pay for the product to be shipped to you before you pay again to distribute the product. You can either provide your own mailing list or take advantage of smart mail marketing strategies that help you target the optimal individuals to receive your printed material.

The Right Choice for Large Scale Printing

Printing a large order can seem like a big and stressful project, but with the right print solutions expert, you’ll find the process is streamlined and easy. Once you have established your campaign parameters, you can request a quote and begin to get a better idea as to the printing choices that best suit your needs and budget.

Your friendly customer service representative will provide you with insight and suggestions and even serve as a final quality control resource to ensure your final result meets and exceeds your expectations. If you have a large print project, request a quote from Dollco Printing today.

With the highest volume printers in Canada, Dollco can take the time to ensure every step of your project is completed to perfection and still have time to produce the highest quality prints to meet your deadline. The superior technology and experience of Dollco Printing should be your first choice for all your print solutions.

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