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What Kind of Paper Is Used for Flyers?

Picking the right paper for flyer printing is as critical as picking the right wood for a building project. Paper engages a variety of sensory factors that can be the difference between your flyer getting noticed or getting tossed. It only takes a few minutes to make important design decisions, including paper choices. Read on …

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Creating Local Flyers: 8 Steps to Getting Your Message Out Into The World

If you’re in charge of a local event and want to get the word out, sometimes the most effective technique is the oldest. A digital outreach for a local event can build awareness, but you also want to get people’s attention on the street and in local places of business. The first step to creating …

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Flyers 101: How to Create a Killer Campaigns With Cheap Print Ads

The internet has changed how businesses market. They spend a lot of time developing digital campaigns and hope that customers will see their message. While this can be helpful, it might also be a good idea to think about doing a direct mail campaign. This can get your information in front of a whole new …