Alima Zhanibekova

Alima Zhanibekova

Director, Finance

Responsibilities:As a Director of Finance, Alima is responsible for overseeing the financial operations at Dollco and plays an instrumental role in managing all accounting activities, such as guiding the finance team and working closely with senior management to achieve Dollco’s financial, strategic, and operational goals.

Background:Alima holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering. While having established an engineering mindset, she developed a desire for accounting and obtained her second Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing. She has over 10 years of combined abroad and Canadian experience, rising in ranks from a Junior Accountant to a Director of Finance. During her career path, she has worked in private and public companies within manufacturing, IT, and accounting services.

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A fun fact from, Alima

Pamela Falkner

Alima is a polyglot, being fluent in English, Russian, and Kazakh and conversant in Chinese, and has a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures, countries, and cuisines. Alima is also inspired to switch hats while performing her role at Dollco and lead various challenging projects towards the desired outcome.