Patrick Periard

Patrick Periard

CEO and President

Responsibilities: As Dollco’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick builds the strategic foundation that drive the company’s growth. He seeks opportunities, nurtures partnerships and promotes innovation that aligns to the strategy and shapes the printing industry in Canada.

Background: Patrick’s roots in the print and manufacturing industry in North America span over 20 years. Previously the Vice President of Solisco Printing, and prior to that, Director of Operations for Harpell Printing, Patrick’s leadership has led to over $1 billion in sales and a significant impact to their operations, negotiating strategy, manufacturing, client diversity and expansion. Patrick empowers his teams to deliver their best work.

Educated in marketing at McGill University, Patrick is bilingual, fluent in English and French and is considered an authority in the print industry and negotiating tactics, speaking at many conferences and serving in multiple thought leadership forums.

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A fun fact from, Patrick

Patrick Periard

“I love what we do at Dollco, we are really helping people and that’s where I focus my energy. Outside work, I love to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy playing my guitar at every opportunity.”