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Neighbourhood Mail

This service provides the delivery of information and/or advertising material to more than 15.7 million mailboxes. Neighbourhood Mail provides geographic, demographic and lifestyle information to target mailings to neighbourhoods or areas that have the highest potential audience – without a customer database.

Target Small Areas

You can target neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Local Target

Print local-specific messages to increase conversion.

Be Inventive

We can be creative with your printing to capture more responses.

Test Response

Send multiple variations to regions to test response.

Reach your target market

How can you improve your campaigns to find and reach ideal prospects? Our experts focus on the challenges of targeting and share acquisition strategies for delivering success.

Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting service provides the ability to target a specific geographic / demographic group at the postal code level. Postal Code Targeting is a Standard Machineable mail item with a unique 2D barcode printed on each mail item.

Target by postal code

Find postal codes with the right customers.


You can now market a specific message to a specific postal.

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Personalized Mail

All items have the same purpose and goal, even if the content is not identical. The primary intention (main messaging) of the mail items is to motivate an individual to take action by:

Personalized Promotions

Engage your prospects and customers on a higher level.

Get Votes and Donations

Capture your constituents with personalized mail

Personalized Catalogues

Mini-catalogues to share more with your audience.

One-One Target

You can speak directly to each customer.

Connect with the omnichannel market

Discover how different channels can reach prospects and new customers when you leverage the advantages of an integrated media mix.