Every marketer’s dream is achieving the perfect harmony between digital and physical advertising. The simultaneous caress of a tangible, well-crafted mail piece and a personalized online ad could potentially hold the key to marketing nirvana. Welcome to the journey of discovery that is Dollco and Canada Post’s SmartMail Marketing.

1. Bridging the Gap Between the Physical and the Digital

As marketing managers, we strive to create integrated, impactful campaigns that marry both the physical and digital worlds. The challenge is finding a seamless, efficient solution that fits within our resources and timelines. Enter Dollco and Canada Post’s SmartMail Marketing.

Partnering with Canada Post, Dollco offers an end-to-end solution for your direct mail marketing needs. The robustness of Dollco’s high-quality print services coupled with Canada Post’s extensive reach creates an unparalleled duo that redefines marketing effectiveness.

2. Precision and Scale: A Symphony in Print

It all starts with a well-designed mailer. A flyer isn’t just paper—it’s an experience, an extension of your brand’s personality and value proposition. Dollco’s printing services, with their meticulous attention to detail and quality, deliver this experience with a finesse that is nearly poetic.

Whether you require precision with targeted mail or massive scale for wide dissemination, Dollco delivers. From vivid colours that leap off the page to text as crisp as a winter’s morning, Dollco’s printed materials become more than mere flyers—they’re tangible manifestations of your marketing message.

3. Unleashing the Power of Direct Mail with Canada Post

What good is a beautifully printed ad if it doesn’t reach the right audience? Canada Post, through SmartMail Marketing, bridges that gap. SmartMail Marketing is more than a delivery service—it’s an intelligent, data-driven strategy that helps you target the right customers at the right time.

With access to an extensive delivery network and a wealth of data insights, Canada Post can put your Dollco-printed materials in the hands of the consumers who matter most to your business. Direct mail becomes a smart, strategic tool, personalized and highly targeted, all aimed at driving real, measurable results.

4. The Harmonious Marriage of Print and Digital

Imagine the impact of a consumer receiving a high-quality printed mailer, personalized and relevant to them, while simultaneously being targeted with a digital ad campaign. The combination of online and offline touchpoints can drive increased engagement, recall, and ultimately conversion.

This is where the partnership between Dollco and Canada Post truly shines. It’s an orchestra, each playing their part in harmony, creating a symphony of marketing impact. The beautifully printed material, delivered to the right doorstep, paired with a concurrent digital ad campaign, makes for a marketing strategy that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.

5. Simplifying Your Marketing Strategy

The beauty of this partnership is the ease it brings to your marketing strategy. Dollco and Canada Post’s SmartMail Marketing alleviates the need for coordinating with multiple agencies, minimizing potential errors and streamlining your processes. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your direct mail needs, from creation to delivery, providing you with more time to focus on strategy and results.


As marketing continues to evolve, it’s time for us to rethink our strategies. With the power of SmartMail Marketing and Dollco’s high-quality printing, you can execute an integrated marketing campaign that offers an unforgettable brand experience, bridging the gap between physical and digital.

Unlock the potential of an all-in-one print and mail solution, and take your marketing campaigns to the next level. This is not just about print and mail—it’s about crafting unforgettable consumer experiences and delivering meaningful results. It’s about SmartMail Marketing with Dollco and Canada Post. Because in marketing, as in music, harmony makes all the difference.