The publishing industry is often seen as a challenging space, with varying factors to consider for ensuring success. One such successful journey has been that of Hamilton Magazine, who sought the assistance of Dollco to further enhance their business potential and solidify their presence in the industry.


Hamilton Magazine, a popular regional publication, is cherished by its readers for its captivating content and high-quality print. Recognizing the opportunity for growth and further improving their efficiency, they decided to partner with Dollco, a renowned industry leader in print solutions.

The Connection

Hamilton Magazine was introduced to us, Dollco, through a referral from one of our satisfied clients, who had experienced significant benefits from our services. Our strong reputation for customer satisfaction and successful partnerships sparked Hamilton Magazine’s interest, resulting in the start of a collaborative journey.

The Dollco Solution

We approached Hamilton Magazine with a tailored, comprehensive solution. We offered them our competitive pricing model along with various options, including a proposed change in cover stock to enhance their print quality. In addition, we also introduced preferential mail pricing for neighborhood mail using Direct Response Media Group (DRMG), providing a cost-effective solution for their distribution needs.

The Impact

The results of this partnership were truly outstanding. Hamilton Magazine continues to provide their high-quality publication to their readers, but they also found themselves on a path of promising growth. We are now in the process of releasing our second issue together, reflecting our fruitful collaboration.

Our relationship with Hamilton Magazine goes beyond just business interactions. One of the key aspects where we’ve been able to make a significant difference has been in customer support. Our entire team, right from the executives, Dawn in customer service, our prepress team, to Kim in accounting, has been instrumental in ensuring seamless operations and providing an exceptional customer experience. 


Our work with Hamilton Magazine showcases Dollco’s dedication to our clients and our capability to craft effective and efficient solutions. Our collaborative approach, combined with our commitment to providing tailored, cost-effective solutions, has helped Hamilton Magazine continue to deliver engaging content to their readers, while also paving the way for their future growth. 

Hamilton Magazine’s success story stands as a testament to Dollco’s unwavering commitment to our clients and our ability to unlock their full potential. We eagerly look forward to our continued work with them, further enhancing their growth and success in the publishing industry.