A Decades-Long Partnership Between Dollco and Vesey’s Seeds

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A Decades-Long Partnership Between Dollco and Vesey’s Seeds

A successful business partnership is like a well-tended garden – it requires care, patience, and mutual growth. One such thriving partnership is between Dollco Print Solutions Group and Vesey’s Seeds, the largest mail order gardening enterprise in Canada.

The Challenge: Ensuring Quality, Consistency, and Timely Delivery

At Vesey’s Seeds, their catalogues are not just a sales tool – they are the very foundation of their business. As such, they required a print solutions provider who could deliver consistent, high-quality printing services, from reproduction quality to addressing, bindery, and postal delivery, all while ensuring timely delivery.

The Solution: A Blossoming Partnership with Dollco Print Solutions Group

For most of the past two decades, Dollco has been proud to serve as the print solutions provider for Vesey’s Seeds. We’ve been committed to delivering top-notch quality, excellent customer service, and timely deliveries. Beyond providing service, we’ve strived to be an active partner in Vesey’s success, offering new ideas, techniques, and approaches to enhance their business.

The Impact: An Evergreen Business Relationship

Our partnership with Vesey’s Seeds has grown into a mutually beneficial relationship that has contributed to their ongoing success. We’ve become more than a service provider – we’re a valued partner and an integral part of the Vesey’s family. This trust has been so profound that Vesey’s Seeds has chosen to continue working with Dollco even when approached by other printers.

A Testimonial to the Partnership

John Barrett, the Director of Sales Marketing & Development at Vesey’s Seeds, shared his thoughts on our partnership:

“Our Vesey’s/Dollco relationship has been like family. They genuinely care about our products and our customers. They freely offer innovative ideas, techniques, and approaches that enhance our business. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dollco to anyone looking for print, postal, and marketing services. I am confident that any new customer will quickly become a dedicated repeat customer as has been our experience and great pleasure.”

This endorsement from a valued partner like Vesey’s Seeds not only makes us proud, but also motivates us to continue providing our customers with the best services and experience possible. After all, thriving together is the best kind of growth.