A successful business partnership is like a well-managed garden. The relationship requires care, patience, nurturing and growth. Dollco Print Solutions Group and Veseys Seeds, the largest mail order gardening business in Canada, have this strong bond, and every year they work together to create two of our nation’s most popular seed catalogues.

Veseys Seeds Fall Bulb & Perennial catalogue was printed and distributed for the first time in May, 1999. Since the initial launch, Veseys Seeds has grown considerably but continues to offer their ‘highest quality guarantee’ and their bulb catalogue titles now include a Fall Bulb & Perennial catalogue, a Spring Bulb & Perennial catalogue as well as seasonal fundraising catalogues. These periodicals proudly carry the lowest prices for the highest quality, with a great many species having been personally tested by the company. The formula must work because Veseys is now among the largest seeds retailers on the planet with mailings in excess of 1.2 million households.

Veseys Seed Catalogue: Quality, Consistency, and Timely Delivery

Veseys Seeds catalogues are more than sales tool. They’re an important part of what is essentially a mail order business. They require a reliable print solutions provider who can deliver consistent, high-quality printing from reproduction quality to addressing, bindery, and postal delivery, all while ensuring timely delivery.

For the better part of two decades, Dollco has been the print solutions provider for Veseys Seeds. We deliver high quality print work, excellent customer service, and help ensure timely delivery to consumers. But we do more than just print their catalogues; we strive to be an active partner in Veseys’ success by offering new ideas, improved printing, and mailing techniques, and we even suggest marketing strategies to improve the overall findability of their business.

Dollco Fosters an Evergreen Business Relationship

Our partnership with Veseys Seeds has grown into a mutually beneficial relationship which has greatly contributed to their ongoing success. We’ve become more than just a print service provider; we’re a valued partner and an integral part of Veseys’ family. This trust has forged a near-unbreakable bond and Veseys Seeds has chosen to continue working with Dollco even when approached by other printers.

A Testimonial to the Partnership Between Veseys Seeds and Dollco Printing

John Barrett, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Veseys Seeds

John Barrett, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Vesey’s Seeds shared his thoughts on our partnership:

“Dollco is like family. They genuinely care about our products and our customers. They freely offer innovative ideas, techniques, and approaches to enhance our business. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dollco to anyone looking for print, postal, and marketing services. I am confident that any new customer will quickly become a dedicated repeat customer as has been our experience and great pleasure.”

This endorsement fills us with pride and motivates us to continue providing our very best services and sharing all that’s possible because prospering together is the best kind of business friendship.

Veseys Seeds Were Early Adopters of Internet Technology

Staying abreast of market trends has always been a high priority at Veseys Seeds and so it’s no surprise they were among the first seed providers to spot the importance of the internet and to harness its potential for growth. Even before they were selling goods, Veseys.com was dispensing information as early as the spring of 1996, providing gardeners with helpful tips, climatic charts, and general gardening knowledge.

Veseys’ first website, before ecommerce was even possible, circa 1996.

In December 1998, Veseys expanded the amount of information available and added an electronic newsletter, an interactive gardening themed discussion forum, user-generated photo galleries evidencing customers results, employment opportunities, press releases, and a general history of the company. One month later, in January 1999, Veseys completed their first web catalogue. Ever since then, visitors to Veseys.com have enjoyed browsing the inventory and can order with confidence, knowing the highest quality seeds and bulbs will be delivered securely, and in a timely manner.

Since going live with their online catalogue, Veseys Seeds web sales now account for almost 32% of total sales with much of this business coming from new customers. Print is however still very important to the company because the tactile experience of ordering seeds is very satisfying for gardeners plotting their spring plantings.